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Ordering / Rogue Valley Door


Choose Category - Begin to narrow down the endless options we have for doors by selecting a category/ style that fits you and your home. These different styles and categories can be found under the products page.
Beautiful door created by Rogue Valley Door
Choose Pattern - Once the style you are looking for has been filtered, begin to look at the many different options that fit under the look that is trying to be achieved.
Beautiful door created by Rogue Valley Door
Choose Size - Here comes the easy part, measure out the size of door you will need to fit your desired location of where your new door will be placed.
Beautiful door created by Rogue Valley Door
Choose Species and Glass Options (If applicable) - We offer dozens of different wood species we build our doors in, take a look at and see what species is calling your name to your door. When it comes to glass, find what purpose the door is going to be used for. Do you want the door to let light through, but yet still have privacy? Or would you rather be able to see straight through to the views that surround you? Your choice is the right choice.
Beautiful door created by Rogue Valley Door
Select Panel and Sticking - Each door model has a default panel and sticking, however you have to ability to choose from different panel and sticking based on your taste.
Beautiful door created by Rogue Valley Door
Add optional Hardware, Carved panel, and other accents - Customize your door even more by choosing different options to add to your door. Whether it be different panels, sticking, dutch door, weathered wood treatment, or to a dentil shelf to add just a bit more touch to your door, we'd be happy to help provide the door to meet those special touches.
Beautiful door created by Rogue Valley Door
Select Dealer - Once you an idea of what you would like, find your local Dealer of Rogue Valley Doors and begin the next step in receiving our product.
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