How long does it take to get my door once I place an order?
Our production time has a 4-5 week lead time. Depending on the door or order, there may be an extended lead time based on customized selections. However, you may receive a door quicker if selected from our Rapid Ship inventory.
I own a historic home; do you have any door styles that would match?
Yes, send in a drawing or picture through your dealer and we can create a CAD drawing to best match what you are looking for.
What is the warranty on Rogue Valley Doors?
Checkout out the page we made explaining our warranty
Where can I find a listing of Authorized Rogue Valley Doors Dealers for my area?
Turns out we made a tool to help you find a dealer
How do I get pricing?
Visit your local dealer, finding them via our dealer locator
How do I order a Rogue Valley Door?
Look through our website to get ideas and then go the dealer locator to find a dealer near you to either purchase or receive more help. We've covered the whole process here
Is our Primer Water or Oil based?
Our primer we use is Water-based.
Where can I find available glass options for doors?
Check out the different options for doors here
Are your doors FSC certified?
Rogue Valley Door is FSC certified and is able to produce FSC doors upon request.
How do you finish a Rogue Valley Door?
We’ve got all your door finishing questions answered here
My door needs repair, is there anyway to fix it?
Watch these videos to help assist with your door repair.
How do I remove the glazing compound from the glass on my door?
To remove the glaze you need to score the glaze around the lite then take a new razor blade, wet the blade with window cleaner, then slide the blade under the glazing compound and slide to the next corner then repeat the process making sure that the blade is clean and without any chips. Then peel the glaze off the surface of the glass.
How do I order replacement glass and sticking?
You may order replacement parts from whom you received the door from
How do I clean my Satin etched glass that has marks on it?
We often find the best way to clean this glass type is with a Mr. Clean Magic eraser.
How should I clean the glass on my door?
We've got details on that on our glass cleaning guide and in our literature
What type of fire doors do you offer?
We offer 20, 45, 60, and 90 mins fire doors depending on building codes and personal preference you may need to meet. Not all doors are fire-rated, so please be sure to check out the website or our Full Line Literature to see if that door has fire rated options.
Which door styles are available as exterior doors?
Any Rogue Valley Door can be used as an exterior door as long as the thickness available matches you needs.
What is the difference between SDL and TDL?
SDL= Simulated Divided Lite, TDL= True Divided Lite. SDL is one piece of glass that has bars which gives it the look of a multi-lite door. TDL- has bars that separate each piece of glass on a multi-lite door. Check out our Door Terminology page for more information.
What are SG and IG?
SG= Single Pane Glass, IG= Insulated Glass. See our Door Terminology page for more information.
Are there any doors that require no overhang?
Yes, we have our Rogue Premium Plus line that includes a lag bolt construction that will withstand fathertime and mother nature. Our Rogue Premium Plus Doors have a 5 year warranty and no overhang is required.