Rogue Valley Door meets Florida Building Code in regards to Design Pressure. For more information of the rating specifics based on doors provided, please click here.
Max sizes:
20 min - 3/6 x 8/0
45 - 90 min - 3/6 x 8/0 or 4/0 x 7/0
20 min doors can be ordered like regular stile and rail doors. Width can be
Width can be over finish and beveled by us or in the field by certified machiners. Height can be up to 3/4” over finish height and trimmed from the bottom rail only by certified machiners.
45-60-90 min doors have to be manufactured to the net finish width.
Customer will need to supply the net width before the door can be entered or drawn. If bevelling is required net width is to the widest point. Bevelling one side will require handing information but bevel two sides does not.
Raised mouldings are not allowed. Face mouldings are the only option and require an additional inch of face width on the stiles.
20 min pairs allow a wood astragal as an option
Hardware limitations are the same for 20, 45, 60 and 90 min doors. All
hardware allowed has to be UL listed for wood fire doors of the time rating being ordered.
Machining the doors for hardware can only be performed by prehang shops that are certified by ITS to machine RVD fire doors.
To be certified the company has to request certification from RVD for the products they want to machine with the company’s name, physical address, phone numbers and contact name. A letter will be sent from RVD to ITS, starting the process of certification. If criteria is met the shop will be certified and start paying fees to ITS for continuing certification.
Doors and frames require an ink stamp stating the rating and date after final inspection in the manufacturing process. This certifies to the customer that they were constructed to the specs required for that rating.
Once the door is machined for hardware a steel label is affixed to the hinge stile bullnose edge. This certifies that the hardware is UL listed for wood fire doors of the time rating matching the door.
The steel label can only be attached by machine shops certified to machine RVD doors.
Doors are tested by a certified lab to the time rating requested.
RVD 20 min doors tested and certified by ITS (Intertek) but RVD owns the test results.
45-60-90 min doors tested and certified by ITS but the test results are owned by BASF, the makers of the fire core used to build the doors. RVD is certified by ITS to build and machine BASFs fire doors.
The door specifications and hardware allowed is a result of what was tested and what is allowed in the national fire code, NFPA 80. Some rule are specific to the tested product and are in the listing report. Other rules are global, covering all wood doors of that rating and are in the NFPA 80.
All labels for our glass testing have been provided below. More information can be found at The type of lites/ glass for each rating is in conjunction with the name of the file image.